Lead Sync

Facebook’s new lead generation ad unit has cut opt-in costs in half!

The challenge is taking advantage of those users at the moment they show interest. We’ve developed a simple to use tool that allows you to automatically store the lead data with many 3rd party CRMs giving you the ability to immediately take advantage of your marketing funnels.

Audience Sync

Take Advantage of Marketing Funnels That Are Hyper Targeted to Your Customers Actions

Having real time control of your custom Facebook Audiences is key to effective targeted advertising. Imagine tailoring your ads based on specific email opt-ins, newsletter clicks, or product purchases. Enjoy the ability to become much more engaging and relative to your audience while reducing your cost of advertising at the same time.


Tools may make your marketing efforts easier but there are thousands of way to improve your ROI without them.

With over 5 years of experience on Facebook advertising and well over 4 million spent we decided to share our methods to not only market efficiently but also effectively. Our courses range from the basics on how to get started to more advanced high volume strategies.


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Welcome to Optimize.Ad

After many years of online marketing and millions of dollars spent, we have realized there is a big lack of efficiency and understanding in the space...

QOTD - Quote Of The Day

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell.

Understand Your Customer

The most important thing to remember as a marketer...


The digital world definitely makes communication a lot easier but we definitely still like the old face to face conversation.

Here at our Headquarters in Austin, TX we host events for marketers all around the world to share and improve on how we market our products and services today. Take a look at our list of upcoming events and join us if you’re ready to become a better marketer.